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2017-2018 Officers


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Mission Statement

To provide assistance to the Pacific Northwest District of Kiwanis International of Kiwanis by promoting continuing interest and participation of Past Lt. activities, formation of divisional PLG Organizations, assisting Clubs, Lt. Governors, District officers as requested, promotion of membership growth and promoting continued leadership and attendance at all levels of Kiwanis and conventions.

Prepared by Ken “Bear” Brink 8/26/14

Our Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to provide assistance to the PNW District of Kiwanis International as requested.

How We Accomplish Our Goals

  • 1. Must be a past Lt. Governor of Kiwanis International (any KI District).
  • 2. Pay dues (annual or lifetime) for the Kiwanis year starting October 1st.
  • 3. Fill out the PLTGA application form and send to the PNW District Office.
  • 4. Submit your ideas in order to move forward with our organization.
  • 5. Review our goals, Contact us, and get Involved!